Hello visitor,

Nice to see that you found my website. I w’ll let you see wath my intrests are and ho i enjoy my hobby.

I’m a member from SRS member 2011688 (http://www.pi4srs.nl/ ), Nafras and Veron. And most off my active time i’m portable. Also at home i’m active mainly on the 20 and 40 mtr band.

This is my wife and daugther. Maureen is also a Ham but not active at this moment. here call is PD2MEJ – Look on her own page on this site.

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Our new Caravan and mobile shack!
12-07-2014/12-08-2014 we are on route with our caravan. Stops we think we go to make is Neurnberg Germany , Next stop wil by Slovenie Bled and the main camping where we stay 3 weeks is in Croatia near by Umag.
We are active when we are on the campsite als during stops. We use a 12,5 mtr fibermast and a Hyendfed. The Radio will be a Kenwood TS480Sat. Also Dstar we are using with our own hotspot. when we have internet access.
Hope tot Speak you soon Hams

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Dodge en Caravan1024

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