Willem PD5WVE


Hello All,

My old call is PD2RYP and licenced in 2001.
47 years young now and born in Rotterdam. Live in north Holland in a small place called de Rijp.
Married to Maureen and have a lovely daughter Nikki now 13 years young.
We have a Administration office in De Rijp NH and a Advice and inspection company in Electric, Central heating systems,  Ventilation and Building technology here in de Rijp NH.
My working conditions are a Kenwood TS850S voor the base station. and a inverted V antenne for 20 and 40 mtrs. there i’m the most active.
In the mobile i use a Yaesu FT857D with severall antennas such as Magneticloop antenna and Hustler, pro am and diamond antennas. acitve in 10,20 and 40 mtr. For D-star and analog VHF and UHF i have a Icom id-51 and now  a ic 2820 for dstar and analog use.
On Holiday we go with the caravan on road and working conditions then are a Kenwood TS480SAT 100watt version, Seg 15D portable set from east germany Army (Sponcered by Hans PA3ECT), A GRC9 (angry 9 and a Yaesu FT817 for QRP work and antenna tester. And the antennas verticals, dipoles, inverted V’s, magnetic loop antennas and qaud windows full wave antenna’s.
Also i use mostly a Heil Headset pro plus.
Soon some pictures off the equipment and setups.


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